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MORE THAN FRIENDS: A SAVING GRACE NOVEL is a companion book, one that stands alone, thankfully. Grace is still recovering from the loss of her beloved brother Matt several months earlier. Philomena, her new friend, has been a tremendous help in her healing process. Grace is reconnecting with her friends after some crazy time spent drinking and hanging out with some unsavory folks. Now she has a job and perhaps a new love interest in Matt's best friend, Jackson. Often I am asked for books that are safe. Those books do NOT exist, I think, for to be safe a book cannot have any content that might cause a reader to THINK. However, this book, with its emphasis on doing the right thing and helping out others when possible, should satisfy some of the folks who want stories that underscore goodness and good deeds. It would be too easy to dismiss this book as some sort of "sweet" read. It is more than that with some complex characters and difficult situations that require Grace to think about the right thing to do.
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