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computer frustrations

So, I came up to the office today to get some work done only to find my computer was not working properly. I called Computer Services and was told to restart the computer and all would be well. NOPE. Did not work. Called back and was given the same advice. NOPE, still not working. Called a third time and was told after going through another restart and various other exercises in futility that they would need to do a work order. Three hours later some guys came to the office. They are still not sure what is wrong. They have left with part of my computer in hand and promise to come back. I slipped downstairs to our lab where I can actually log in and work. Go figure! So, the mood is not the best. I decided to read a few of the new picture books that have arrived and make myself feel some sense of accomplishment. So, here goes.

Bruce Hale's illustrations are fabulous in this retelling, twisted retelling of Sleeping Beauty. The exaggerated features of the characters, their clever names, and the misunderstandings that lead to more and more humor combine to make this one a winner. King Gluteus and Queen Esophagus are delighted with the arrival of their new baby, Princess Drachmina Lofresca Malvolio Margarine. Unfortunately, one of the fairies, Beebo, is not invited to the christening and curses the newborn. When she is 16 she will be run over by a pie wagon and die. Tintinnitus offers a less severe solution: she will become a sleeping dragon who will be awakened by a quice. Never predictable, just lots of fun in this retelling with resplendent illustrations.
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