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a real winner

I was chagrined that I had read only half of the Printz winners this year before the award was announced. The other titles are finally tricking in and I am catching up. I had a long flight back from New York yesterday and managed to read ONE WHOLE AND PERFECT DAY from cover to cover. I must admit, that was perhaps the best way to enjoy this book, the story of a family beset with difficulties of the normal garden variety. Lily feels put upon as the dependable and responsible member of her family. Older brother Lonnie, now off at college, never was one to help out around the house. Lily's mother seems preoccupied with her job and a bit fuzzy about the funny sound the fridge makes. Nan and Pop: well, Nan as an imaginary friend and Pop is a hothead who threatens Lonnie with an ax. How does this all come together. Well, that would be on one whole and perfect day.

Despite the oppressive heat on the plane and the sardine-like atmosphere, this book was a breath of fresh air and a bit of wiggle room. It made the turbulence bearable. No small feat for this Printz honor book.

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