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the moon and me

Despite having a rather busy day with errand running and two energetic 5 year olds to keep us occupied, I managed to complete THE DEAD AND THE GONE, the companion to LIFE AS WE KNEW IT by Susan Beth Pfeffer. The story unfolds in New York this time and centers on Alex and his family after the moon is struck by an asteroid. Alex's parents are not home at the time of the disaster. Mami is at the hospital in the city and Papi is in Puerto Rico for his mother's funeral. It is up to Alex to take care of his younger sisters, Bri and Julie. Survival is a desperate affair as food runs out, electricity is undependable, and death surrounds them all. Alex and his family must do unspeakable things in order to carve out their existence, such as it is now.

This companion book is sure to please not only those who read LIFE AS WE KNEW IT. It can also stand on its won as a postapocalyptic survival story. The details, gruesome though they are, bring this disaster to life, so to speak.

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