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My NY host, Martha, laughed when she watched me unpack all the books I brought on this trip. Now, she is smiling because I have finished 6 of them and she gets to read them. This morning I knocked out THE BIG SLICK by fellow LJer, eluper.

Andrew has skimmed a large amount of money from the family's dry cleaning business to use as seed money in poker tournaments. Now, it is time for a reckoning. Either he wins back the $600 or he pays a big price with his father. Andrew and his co-worker, the lovely Jasmine, head off to an Indian casino with Scott, Andrew's friend and bankroll. The action is fast paced, funny, and just a tad dangerous. Each chapter title comes from a different starting hand in Texas Hold 'Em. I think I learned more about poker playing than in any other book. I enjoyed Andrew and Jasmine and Scott and their road trip. This book was a quick and absorbing read and should appeal especially to all those would be gamblers out there that think they, like Andrew, can face down the big boys and pull in the big pot.
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