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Nothing like a blowy snowy day to knock out some reading time. I selected a slim book for this afternoon as I was getting drowsy and wanted to finish reading before nodding off in front of the fire. Here is David Almond's newest book, a book for young readers with illustrations entitled, MY DAD'S A BIRDMAN.

Lizzie is worried about Dad who seems to have this cockamamie idea that he can fly. He intends to enter the great human bird competition. At first, she simply thinks he is bonkers. Eventually, she decides to join him in the competition despite a visit from Auntie Doreen and Mr. Mint her principal. Can Lizzie and Dad fly? Is Dad really a birdman?

This flight of fancy (groan at intentional pun) is charming and perfect for second through fourth or fifth grade (not 3-6 grade as the back cover suggests, though). One tiny quibble: the illustration on page 8 does not match the text. Since this is an ARC, I can only hope someone will catch the error for the US edition (the book has been published in England already).
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