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Will there be many books like this one?

Because of all the furor over the book, I read RAINBOW PARTY. Okay, so sexual content is present and it is unnerving for this grandmother of three teen girls to even think for a moment that parties such as the one planned in the book are common occurrences. However, I have never been one to stick my head in the sand, so I read the entire book. I have a few questions: why did the bookstore chains refuse to carry this book? are rainbow parties common?

I do understand the pressure from censors, but the major book stores do carry loads of books with more sexualized content than this. There are other YA novels that have sexual content as well. I just think this is a tempest in a teapot, but I do hope this is not indicative of the future when chains will decide what to carry based on some set of standards that are not made public. Hmm.....

I still think Tanya Lee Stone's SOMETIMES A BAD BOY CAN BE GOOD FOR A GIRL is a better novel for covering much of this territory.

I am reading PRETTIES by Scott Westerfeld and will write more about that later. Nice piece of sci-fi. I loved THE MIDNIGHTERS already and this one is intriguing from the outset.
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