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fairly tales done right

So, we sat on runways at both ends of my flight from Houston to New York yesterday which meant I finished two books and got halfway through a third before getting off the plane. I packed mostly thin books because I have to carry them through security and onto the plane and heft them into the overhead compartment after all.

I read CINDERELLA, AS IF YOU DON'T ALREADY KNOW THE STORY a few years ago and enjoyed the fresh take on the fairy tale. Now we have THUMBELINA, TINY RUNAWAY BRIDE, told with excerpts from Thumbelina's own diary (magnified for the human eye to see). Not just the story told to Hans Christian Andersen. This novel goes past Thumbelina finding the King of the Flowers. No happy ending with a wedding to someone she does not know well. Thumbelina wants more in life.

This is a quick read and one that, quite frankly, I hope will make it into the hands of readers. Too many kids do not know the fairy tales outside of Walt Disney's versions. They are missing out on some basic literary development including stereotypes, archetypes, and motifs. They are here in this slender novel, too.
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