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09 February 2008 @ 12:09 pm
funny books  
Alas, no covers to show from either of these books coming from Holiday House (thanks Terry B for sending me some F and Gs!) in the summer. However, I know English teacher types will adore the latest offering from Robin Pulver and Lynn Rowe Reed. This dynamic duo gave us PUNCTUATION TAKES A VACATION and NOUNS AND VERBS HAVE A FIELD TRIP. Now, they collaborate on SILENT LETTERS LOUD AND CLEAR, an homage to those tricky critters who trip up spellers of all ages. The children in Mr. Wright's class have just ended their study of silent letters and think that the existence of these tricky devils should be outlawed. Mr. Wright encourages the students to write a letter to the editor of the town newspaper to that effect. The silent letters, just before the students hit send to electronically submit their opinion, remove all of the silent letters. When the letter is printed of course, it looks as if Mr. Wright is not doing a good job. Hilarity ensues.

I admire this and the other two collaborations as they demystify some of the mechanical and grammatical obstacles kids face. Along with Ruth Heller's beautiful picture books on the various parts of speech (KITES FLY HIGH, MANY LUSCIOUS LOLLIPOPS, etc.), they are the tools we need to motivate kids to be more literate.
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