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come out of the closet

Twelve year old Henry's parents have mysteriously disappeared. So, off he is sent to his uncle's house. When plaster falls on him from his attic bedroom walls, Henry begins to chip away. Behind the wall Henry discovers 99 cupboards. Each has a mysterious lock; surely there must be some nifty secrets lurking behind the doors. Henry and his cousin Henrietta find the secret combinations and each enters into a cupboard. There they encounter different worlds, different characters, different dangers. Once the cupboards are open, creatures from the other side can invade Henry's tranquil world and wreak all sorts of havoc.

I listened to this audio over the course of a couple of weeks of commuting to and from work. It held up well to the start and stop of the driving. I was also struck by the fact that this book in audio has, IMHO, a wider audience in terms of age. Henry is a tween and yet I think this audio will appeal to teens as well. The narrator's tone and pitch is perfect; his almost uninflected voice underscoring some of the suspense of the story. There are all sorts of loose ends that will fill up the sequels that are sure to come.
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