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the further adventures of JJ Liddy

THE NEW POLICEMAN was one of my favorite books from last year. I loved the concept of the main character, JJ, traveling into the land of the fairies through a crack between the two worlds. Now, Kate Thompson offers readers THE LAST OF THE HIGH KINGS. As the story opens, JJ and his wife are rearing their children in the Irish countryside. JJ's daughter, Jenny, spends most of her time on the top of a mountain, conversing with an ancient ghost guarding a stone beacon. Jenny, actually a fairy child being reared by JJ in exchange for a gift of the finest fairy wood with which to craft musical instruments, also has deep conversations with a puka who advises her to befriend the ghost. Does he have ulterior motives?

As in the case of THE NEW POLICEMAN, the chapters are brief, the story twists totally unpredictable, and the air laden with mystery, magic, and danger. It helped me while away the 5 hour delay (yes, 5 hours) at the Dallas airport last night. I finally arrived in El Paso after midnight. Now, with 4 whole hours of sleep I am thinking about running across the parking lot with my bed head to get some serious caffeine. The temps here are in the 30s. Yesterday, Dallas had 80+ weather. Go figure. All I hope for is some stamina and then a non-delayed flight back home tonight.

I have an audio for the homeward leg of my journey. I think it will last me even with delays.
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