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is this blood I see before my eyes?

I have been a fan of Alane Ferguson for quite some time. When the first mystery in this series debuted, I blogged it, took it out to schools, and generally raved. Here is book #3. Cammie is an assistant to her coroner father at the tender age of 17. In the latest installment, she is called onto the scene of a grisly death, a young girl apparently dead by her own hand. Howver, Cammie holds some secrets that will be revealed when the autopsy determines the death is not suicide but murder. And one of the secrets is that her bi-polar mother might have something to do with the death. Cammie is torn between loyalty to her job and duties and loyalty to her mother, too.

The chapters are short and end with readers wanting to dive into the next chapter and the next one and the next one. Think CSI meets Nancy Drew.

I spent all day today giving a YA seminar in Houston. We were told in advance there would be a fire drill in the morning. Ok, we are all public school folks. No biggie, right? Nope. In a hotel, fire drills mean 45 minutes of flashing lights, sirens, loudspeakers. Eventually I gave up and talked over the noise.

It was a terrific day with participants listening for the first time to clips from the Odyssey award winners. Lots of new books, audio, AR and lexile rants: a perfect day for me. Then, I headed out to the airport, flew to Dallas and am now winding down for the evening, Tomorrow is another seminar here and then off to El Paso for the third seminar in 3 days. Thursday will be collapse day, I hope.
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