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dry and dusty in west Texas

Finished RUNNER and thought it was amazing. Dueker avoided all of the pitfalls with a story about a teen involved in smuggling and brought the threat of terrorism to the YA community in a way I think kids can access. The ambivalence about joining the military came through clearly.

Now, I am reading SHRIMP, the sequel to GINGERBREAD. I remembered immediately why I loved GINGERBREAD. Here is a return to the same wonderful voice from the first book as Cyd Charisse (love that name) returns home from her visit to the bio-dad in NYC. She is determined to find and reunite with SHRIMP, her boyfriend until he dumped her. Cyd also begrudgingly gives her beloved doll to her younger sister, a sib who stages her Barbies in some odd ways--Horror Movie Barbie, Fat Barbie, S & M Barbie. I love the breezy tone that belies the importance of the story and look forward to Cyd and her latest exploits.
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