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The cover will have to wait until I am home and can scan it. Amazon and Titlewave do not have the image available yet. This is one of the ARCs sent to me from HarperCollins. UP ALL NIGHT is a collection of six short stories by noted authors including Libba Bray, David Levithan, and Patricia McCormick. Not your usual fare here, folks. Gene Yang's story, in graphic format, is about the motherless monkey and his search for his place of birth. Libba Bray gives us a group of girls out for the night to a Cheap Trick concert (shades of the 80s), Levithan's story, "The Vulnerable Hours," is about how searching for something elusive. They are all quirky, unexpected, quick glimpses into lives that will go on after the story ends and we withdraw back into ourselves.

My continuing concern about story collections is that they tend to die once they hit library shelves and are stored in the SC collection. They need to be hand delivered to teachers who might read one or more aloud to classes or even, heaven forbid, used instead of THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME in a classroom. I personally adore story collections as they are perfect for those times when I do not have a great deal of time. I can pick up the book, read one story, put the book down. When I come back to it later, I do not have to back track to remind myself of where I left off. I wonder if we can sell this approach to kids as well? And how about asking them to select 1 or 2 to read and not the entire collection (I am too anal retentive for this personally) and let other readers pick other titles?

Ramblings from one tired traveler who plans to opn another book before crashing tonight.
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