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on the road again

I am ensconced in my hotel room in South Texas, 400 miles from home. The drive was dreary, in and out of rain and grey clouds and fog. However, the 7 hours were whiled away with audiobooks. As many members of the Odyssey Committee (Best. Committee. Ever.) have observed, after a year or more of listening for glitches and mouth pops and other flaws in audio, it is tough to just listen and not begin to make notes about sibilance and the like. However, I am getting around some of that by listening while I drive 70 mph. So, on the trip today I managed to complete two audios.

It was the cover that made me pack this audio into the car. And I am happy that I did. Presley (named after The King) loves her Aunt Betsi and wants to be just like her when she grows up. Do you recall those people in your own life? And do you also remember what happened when you learned that someone you idolized had flaws just like everyone else? That is what happens to Presley her freshman year. Aunt Betsi comes to stay with the family for a while after a stint in rehab for alcohol dependency. Presley can overlook this because Betsi is like her best friend in the world. That world falls apart when Presley discovers that her aunt has a terrible secret. Sometimes it is best just NOT to know, isn't it?

Presley is a finely drawn teen who has crushes, is quickly disillusioned, and thinks and reacts much like the two resident teens in my own home. Betsi may be transparent to older readers (like me) but will more than likley not be so to younger readers who have not been jaded yet. I enjoyed the time spent with Presely and her family on the road.

Then, I thought it was time for a change and so I popped in this short nonfiction audio.

I always enjoy Russell Freedman's work, and this is no exception. The narrator manages to avoid sounding like the old Clifton Fadiman movies and filmstrips; his tone is engaging and the pacing is lively. And he can pronounce all those names! My husband called while I was part way through this discussion of who "discovered" the Americas first and I asked him what he knew of the theory about Chinese sailors coming to America 7 decades before Columbus and some of the other pieces I was learning. He did, of course, being the history buff he is. However, I learned something new. That makes the last couple of hours worth the numbness in my lower extremities.
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