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ah...Central Texas in the summer

Greetings from Killeen where the temps are high and so is the humidity. Had some time to knock out a little bit of reading today, so picked up RUNNER by Carl Deuker and was sucked right into the story of a young man whose father, a Gulf War vet, is an alcoholic. Chance finds it tough to commiserate with his father and is more worried about where the money will come from for moorage fees (he and his dad live on a sailboat)and groceries and the like. When he is approached and asked to do some running for $200 a week, Chance knows what he is doing must be illegal, but he needs the money. I hope to have the chance to finish reading the book tomorrow as we make our way into West Texas for the next stop on the inservice tour.

Everyone else I know is reading Harry Potter and muttering because they want someone else to finish it so they can talk. I will get around to Mr. Potter as soon as the kids allow me to read MY copy of the book or listen to it on MY audio. Kids--sheesh!
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