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the reputable e lockhart

THE DISREPUTABLE HISTORY OF FRANKIE LANDAU-BANKS follows Frankie during her sophomore year at Alabaster Prep. t is the year she will transform from Bunny Rabbit (her mother;s pet name) to Alphadog, the secret leader of the Bassett Hounds. The Bassett Hounds have a long history of pranking at Alabaster. Priblem is, the Bassett Hounds are all male. Frankie wants to be a part of this tradition. After all, her father was when he was a student at Alabaster. So, when she has the chance, Bunny Rabbit becomes Alphadog and begins to direct the other members of the Bassett Hounds to do her bidding.

E Lockhart proves once again that she can write with great good humor about some serious issues. Here she examines Frankie's coming of age, her search fro her own identity, her desire to be more than "Bunny Rabbit" to her family and more than a cute girl to Matthew. She is determined be more.

This was a totally absorbing read. I started it in the middle of the ride from Philly home yesterday and then grabbed it back up this afternoon to see how Frankie would fare. As in the case of THE BOYFRIEND LIST, DRAMARAMA, and FLY ON THE WALL, I was not disappointed. Thanks, E(mily) for a terrific book experience.
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