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Well, I am back in the safety of my hotel room for a little while before heading out to the airport. It is time to play the "second guessing" part of the awards game. First, let me give out some props:

Big shout out to the Caldecott for naming HUGO CABRET the winner. That took some chutzpah, folks, and I commend your courage in seeing how far a book can push an envelope! Also, wonderful day for Christopher Paul Curtis with the CSK and a Newbery Honor. Make some more shelf room, Chris. He already has the O'Dell award for ELIJAH OF BUXTON. Love that Newbery honored FEATHERS by Jacqueline Woodson and THE WEDNESDAY WARS by Gary Schmidt. Hurray for the Sibert who named THE WALL as its winner. Ditto Arbutnot for Walter Dean Myers and Edwards for Orson Scott Card.

Now, the Printz is an interesting list, n'cest pas (or however you spell that)? Where is the Sherman Alexie book? But I think YOUR OWN SYLVIA is a fabulous choice. REPOSSESSED was one of my favorites from the year, but I never saw the Printz coming (and I am thrilled because A (Amanda) is a fellow Texan and just a darned lovely person and a terrific writer and this one was a real departure for her). A sequel won (DREAMQUAKE) which is unusual. I have not read ONE WHOLE AND PERFECT DAY (but I will do so shortly). I never saw the winner among the books, A WHITE DARKNESS. I was hoping to see THE ARRIVAL (but someone in Starbucks told me it was not eligible?). I would have loved to be a fly on the wall of that meeting room.

Our Odyssey Committee (Best. Committee. Ever.) almost fell out of our seats when they announced the wrong producer for the winner. It is LIVE OAK MEDIA and Arnie and Debra Cardillo were there in attendance. Our fearless chair, Mary Burkey corrected the error immediately and thankfully the press release is correct.

Now, talk amongst yourselves. I'll give you a topic: what books would you have included??? Also, bear in mind there is no limit for the number of honor medals that can be awarded, folks. So, faves???
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