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Best. Committee. Ever. Yeah!

So, the Odyssey Committee met its goal and deadline. We lunched together and then headed to the exhibits to see what was new. I threw myself down a few aisles to get some ARCs and then headed back to the hotel room for a brief respite before we reconvene to make our phone call(s) tonight (squeeeeeeeeeeee! of excitement). Stopped by the HarperCollins booth where Patty Rosati was happy to tell me that they are publishing our own LJer Thunderchikin (squee of delight there too). Saw Adrienne Waintraub, Laura Sinton, Sharon Hancock, Angus Killick, Victoria Stapleton, and other friendly faces for the first time since arriving in Philly. And I also need to tell you thst the weather is finally turning wintry. I actually needed my sweater this afternoon while walking back from the convention center.

There have been no wonderful dinners and cocktail parties this trip, but the committee meetings with the fabulous Odyssey Committee members was enough sustenance for me. Best. Committee. Ever. YEAH!

I will be blogging live from the awards announcements in the morning. Cannot wait to hear the winners. I know Newbery and Printz Committees are also finished and some of the members are walking around the exhibits as well. Of course, we all want to know NOW, but will ave to wait.
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