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There is absolutely no rhyme or reason when I make a stack pf picture books. However, PUNK FARM and PUNK WIG ended up together for some weird twist. I opened PUNK WIG and discovered a gem of a story about a young boy whose mother is on her way to the hospital to have alien blobs zapped with medicine. Mom, it turns out, has cancer. Since her hair will fall out, she visits a wig shop and selects a bright orange wig that is spiky. Her son loves the new look and is thrilled when Mom passes it along to him once her own hair begins to grow back.

There are too few books to share with kids whose parents or another loved one (or a teacher) is undergoing treatment for cancer. I know because one of my former students and I searched for some in the last year as she underwent treatment for breast cancer (and is now in remission, YAY!). Add this one to HAIR FOR MAMA to a short but useful list.
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