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Lots of travel means lots of time to read. I finished several books and want to update you now. So, bear with me as I ramble for a bit.

FLY ON THE WALL is the new book by e. lockhart whose THE BOYFRIEND LIST is nominated for Quick Picks this year. Once again, Lockhart takes us into the mind of an adolescent teen. This time we meet Gretchen Yee, girl artist who draws cartoons (especially Spidey) and is at loose ends now that her pal Katya is too busy to hang with her. Gretchen wishes one day she could be a fly on the wall in the boys' locker room and, before you can say BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR, she is. Hilarity reigns as Gretchen gets an up close and way too personal look at the guys in her school. Thankfully, she returns to her normal girl self at the end in time to take some creative measures to change her life. I adored this book. Here is a new talent to watch closely.

REPLAY by Sharon Creech proves that this author is an incredible talent in the field of both children's and YA lit. Her last several books have provided middle grade readers with more than chapter books. The same is true here as we watch Leo, better known as FOG BOY to his family, learn about his own father's childhood as he navigates the murky waters of middle school. Creech even includes the school play Leo is involved in at the end of the novel.

DREAD LOCKS is nominated for QP as well. Shusterman's novel combines mythology and folk tales in this darkly funny book about the new girl, Tara (aka Medusa) who changes the lives of those around her who dare to meet her granite gaze. Parker Baer (better known as Baby Bear to Tara) might just be her match. Shusterman knows how to draw readers into his fantasies and this book is no exception.

Gary Blackwood offers SECOND SIGHT, an alternate history (a al Harry Turtledove) in which 2 young kids might just save Lincoln from being assassinated. What I found particularly interesting here is that Blackwood talks directly to the reader as the author throughout the book. Hope this becomes a series of alternate histories from this very talented author.

After listening to Christopher Krovatin at the Scholastic Brunch at ALA, I decided to read HEAVY METAL AND YOU. So, I do not know Slayer from Nine Inch Nails. Does not matter as this book is about the music but also about the people. Heavy metalhead Sam falls for Melissa who is not a big fan. Before he knows it, he is changing his life to hang on to the girl. Will METAL win over MELISSA?
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