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I admire the fact that fellow LJers David Lubar and David Gill took time to list 2007 resolutions on January 1 so they could mark them accomplished. And I have enjoyed reading Cindy Lord's blog about taking on a quote, sort of a words to live by, for the year.

I have always been a contrary person. I know my mother would attest to that were she still with us. My husband had the temerity to snort when I mentioned this. Natalie was like, "No duh!" So, I have pretty much avoided making resolutions. I do have a few goals, though, and am setting them down here on this second day of the year.

I am going to work on the book under contract. I actually have done some work and a lot of thinking and some noodling in paper and on the computer. However, it is time to tackle an actual chapter and make it work. I will start slowly, though, and finish the introduction and then the acknowledgments first. What I really need, still, is a title.

I will be more grateful for what I have. I think sometimes I allow myself to get into pity mode too easily. I need to enumerate all the graces and blessings often and out loud.

I will be more active.

That's enough for one year. So my three word mantra (and I so stole this from Sara Holbrook this morning) is: MOVE, WRITE, REJOICE.

Happy 2008, folks.
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