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one last book for the old year

Happy almost New Year, folks. I will be sound asleep long before the ball drops most likely. However, I did manage to fight off the urge to nap and instead dug into another book. I loved WRESTLING STURBRIDGE, so picking up the latest Rich Wallace was a no-brainer for me. ONE GOOD PUNCH packs a wallop if you will excuse the pun. Michael Kerrigan's senior year should be a landmark at East Scranton High School. He is a talented runner and there are a few other teammates that should comprise an awesome relay team. A good year will be his ticket out of Scranton and into college. The best laid plans, though, are about to take a nose dive when joints are found in his locker.

Sounds familiar? I thought that at the outset. But the hallmark of Wallace's writing is that he can take a story line and twist it enough so that the tale takes off in different directions (in much the same way Michael's running does) and ends up in a place totally unfamiliar. Michael has some tough decisions to make. There really does not seem to be a good decision to be made, though. No matter what, the consequences will be grave.

ONE GOOD PUNCH hits hard and draws the reader in immediately. The structure of the novel-- sections are labeled with different parts of the newspaper (Michael works for one) and the chapter titles are headlines--also adds to the texture of this slender book.
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