professornana (professornana) wrote,

graphically speaking

Emily is helpless when an accident claims the life of her father. When her mother is taken by a strange creature, she and her brother must find help. With the assistance of an amulet, her grandfather, and his robotic creations, Emily and Navin must set out on a treacherous journey.

Scholastic's imprint, GRAPHIX, was responsible for the full color reissue and serialization of Jeff Smith's Bone and for other graphic novels that appeal to younger readers. These books are key: many intermediate and middle grade kids want books in this format. Many of the graphic novels are not developmentally appropriate for them. So, having titles to fill in the gap is wonderful for educators looking to keep kids connected to books. Graphic novels are prime for dyslexic kids, English language learners, and other students who prefer different formats than the traditional ones.

AMULET will be a welcome addition.
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