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old friend, new favorite

The first year I coordinated the YA conference at my university was a year to remember. It began when I discovered that the person who had previously been the coordinator had neglected to reserve space at the university center for conference. I fund us a location, sent out letters to everyone registered, and then had the location change at the very last minute. I think there are still folks wandering around Huntsville looking for us to this day.

However, it is the line up that I recall with great delight as I managed to snag Mel Glen, Hadley Irwin, and Richard Peck as the keynoters. And then at the last minute I had a call from an editor at Philomel who offered me Brian Jacques. He was stateside for the first time and was looking for another gig before returning to the other side of the pond. I had read REDWALL and snapped him up. What a wonderful day it was, too. Jacques knocked my socks off (though some of the east Texas folks could not understand a word he said). Here it is many years later, and REDWALL is now available in graphic novel format. I was leery about this as I still think this series is one of the best animal fantasies ever written.

I think this is a perfect way to introduce readers to Redwall Abbey and its inhabitants. For some readers, this will be enough; for others it will be the appetizer that whets their palate for much more. The bare bones of the story is here; the cast of characters complete enough. The dialect preserved. These essentia ingredients are what makes this graphic novel adaptation take its place among the other books written by Jacques.
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