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well, duh, moms are always best

I must admit that I think the primary audience for this book is anyone who is a mom and not necessarily anyone who HAS a mom, it was a fun read on this rainy day after Christmas. It reeks of a Donna Reed and Barbara Billinglsey time (for those of tender age reading this, two TV moms from the 50s) when moms would make Halloween costumes for their kids and create all kinds of fun and games for birthday parties and rainy days.

My generation of moms relied more on places that would cater birthday parties (gottta love Chuck E Cheese and Dave and Busters) and where Halloween costumes came from Target. As a mother once more, I find even more shortcuts. However, being a mom still is not as easy as the TV mothers made it all seem. Brownies do not fi everything. And this book has some advice that strikes a resonant chord about that, too.

My favorite section of the book is this one that contains records about mothers:

most children born to one woman: 69
largest child delivered: 23 pounds and 12 ozs.
oldest mother
first IVF mother

I am certain that the Dad's book cannot be far behind.
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