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We attended Mass Christmas Eve early. Since the kids were little we decided that the Children's Mass made sense. Even now that they are no longer little (as the photo above should verify), we enjoy this service most. The kids sing and play instruments and do a play. I always cry (not the end of tears on the holidays I assure you).

Cali and her boyfriend Sam came over early Christmas morning. Hubby and I had been up since 4:30 that morning. He herded Scout as I prepared the food. I made a Pannetone bread pudding with fresh cranberries and homemade chocolate ganache (Food Network rocks!) and three pans of lasagna with spinach, mushroom, onions, and ground turkey (to balance out the cheese). We opened family gifts and then began eating.

My sisters, Mary Pat and Ruth, joined us after we had our first serving of lasagna. The kids raked it in. Hubby opened the gifts he had picked out at Seal Beach (including a totally cool Three Stooges shirt which he promptly wore over his tie-dyed T-shirt from NYC) and a few surprises that he loved: Starbuck's gift card and Bose headphones for when he is working his ham radio. He surprised me with a new TV for the living room (and Cali was thrilled as she gets the old one). Scout loved the new toy from Aunt Mary Pat that was doused with Cosmic catnip. He ended up sleeping most of the afternoon (and is napping now since I refreshed the catnip this morning).

Today is clean out day for the girls and we will have a few bags to donate later. Cali will take them shopping later in the break so they can use some of their gift certificates and CASH. All in all, a ovely day. And I do not have to cook today as there are leftover! So, back to books and TV.

Merry Merry y'all. Here is Scout in the tree.

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