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full of wonder

Libba Bray has done it, folks. She has brought the Gemma Doyle trilogy to its shattering conclusion. No spoilers here. Suffice to say, it was wonderful and awe-full and dread-full and just plain incredi-full (make that incredible). The book has already been absconded with (and not quietly did it go, let me tell you. Nat's YES startled the cats and even the better half with its intensity). I may not see it any time soon. However, I cannot wait for the resident teens to read it so we can talk.

In some ways, I hate to see this story end. I have come to love Gemma, to tolerate Fee, to hope for Ann. I have enjoyed our wanderings into and through the realm. And, Kartik...makes me swoon. So, run out and buy yourself a nice Christmas present. Get a copy of THE SWEET FAR THING. Grab some chocolate (or your favorite poison) and then let's dish. Thanks, Libba, for an incredible journey.
Tags: libba bray, reading, ya books, ya literature
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