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important lessons

So, I brought this book home early in the week to read it, but it "disappeared" into the black hole the resident teens call a bedroom (and trust me when I say I am not exaggerating much here). Corrie finished it after dinner the other night. Nat brought it back to me today. Finally, it was my turn.

I read it in one sitting, not able to put down this absorbing tale of Laine's relationship with the beautiful and popular Leah. Leah expects a great deal from her friend as Laine discovers over and over again. Problem is, Leah has her own demons, demons she seems intent to visit upon her "best" friend. When Leah's behavior turns increasingly self-destructive, Laine wonders how she can help. Why does Leah expect so much? Why does she treat Laine with kindness and cruelty? Why does Laine permit this to continue too long?

One thing this taut psychological tale demonstrates so aptly is that there is sometimes a thin line that separates victim and victimizer. Without giving away too much here, readers will empathize with Laine but also not villify Leah in the process. This very careful balancing act provides readers with some real insight into the complexity of friendship and relationships and life.
Tags: abuse, lessons from a dead girl, reading, ya books, ya literature
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