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One more before I go

On the trip back from NYC, I had the chance to read a galley by Chris Lynch. Turns out it is the third book about Elvin Bishop, ME, DEAD DAD AND ALCATRAZ (SLOT MACHINE, EXTREMELY ELVIN), the kid who suffers from hemorrhoids, flabby stomach, and having two talented and good-looking best friends. In this installment, Elvin's long-lost (and he was told long dead) uncle materializes long enough to seek Elvin's forgiveness and to make some inroads for change. This is Lynch in his warm and self-deprecatingly humorous mode. Elvin is a flesh and blood kid who frequently expects the worst and is seldom, therefore, disappointed. A failed perm, a blistering hot meal, an unforgettable workout at the gym, and a memorable trip to some relatives' house are all in store for Elvin. This book almost made me forget we sat on the runway waiting for an open gate as the plane arrived on the ground ahead of schedule. Almost....
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