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mysterious and heroic

The Mysterious Edge of the Heroic World is one of those titles that does not give much away. Quite frankly, that is true of most of Konigsbug's titles. Instead, it hints at what is to come. Careful readers will be able to see the significance of the title as they read (true here, too). Meet Amedeo who is the godson of Peter Vanderwaal (from OUTCASTS OF 19 SCHUYLER PLACE). He runs into his classmate, William Wilcox who is assisting his mother in putting together an estate sale for Amedeo's neighbor, Mrs. Zender. Mrs. Zender, who eschews water and other beverages for her always chilled champagne, has many fine things for possible sale. One of the items causes Amedeo to contact his godfather Peter who has recently curated an exhibit of "degenerate art", art so designated by the Nazis during WW II. What is the mystery? What does it mean to be heroic? Interesting questions, right?

Konigsburg is the master of quirky characters who discover themselves embroiled in matters often beyond their control. What I adore is that she gives these strange, winning characters the help they need, often from reserves deep within themselves. This book is no exception.
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