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a real dream come true

At the end of the ALAN Breakfast where yours truly received the ALAN Award, I scurried to catch up to Joan Bauer. She had made the trip in to the city to stand in for my family who could not be there for the award presentation (and BTW, Catherine Balkin ALWAYS gets to do my intro). Joan was talking to Alleen Nilsen. I had just written a review of the book Alleen did about Joan and her books. Interestingly, Alleen had just reviewed NAKED READING. Each of these reviews will be in the December issue of THE JOURNAL OF ADOLESCENT AND ADULT LITERACY. So, Alleen's husband, Don, snapped this photo. What a lovely place to be: in between Joan and Alleen. Is it any wonder I love ALAN?

Edited to add: Here are two more photos. Thunderchikin reminded me to post a photo of the award (here is the best I can do for now)

and I added a photo of the flowers my editor at Stenhouse sent me in congratulations. Thanks, Bill.

Finally, here is how impressed SCOUT is:

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