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Book Expo--WOW!

Spent the day at BEA in NYC and came back with dozens of books. My arms ache; my feet are killing me. BUT...tons of new books is the payoff. Dinner last night was with Christopher Paolini, the author of ERAGON. I was thrilled to get an autographed copy of the second book in the series, ELDEST, in galley form. Mr. Paolini is an incredible young man.

Finished reading THE LAST UNIVERSE by Sleator in the hotel room this morning. I think this is one of Sleator's finest books to date. The science is back, this time quantum physics. The mystery is back, too. The ending is incredible and uncompromising and truly shows him at the top of the craft once again.

Now, to begin to plow through the bags of books and see if I can get them all into my carry on luggage.............
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