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Dinner tonight was with the fine folks from Random House. All of us left groaning, full of food and wine and good conversation. The intrepid Libba Bray held court at our table along with Bonnie Kunzel, Lois Buckman, Marshall George, Diane Tuccillo, and some RH reps. We had appetizers, salad, and pasta and were waiting for dessert when it became apparent that there was still another course to come: the meat course. We tried to eat more; some of us (me) succeeded. Then, there was dessert. OY! However, even more satisfying than the food was the conversation which ranged from kids to books to NCATE and back to books.

I had snagged a copy of the third and final book in Libba's incredible saga: THE SWEET FAR THING and had even gotten two chapters read by dinner. Wow. Now I plan to sit up and digest for a while and read some more. I adore Gemma and have since the debut of A GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY. I fear for what hell Gemma will encounter, but I am fairly certain that she will survive, no, she will do more than that: she will triumph (please).

Off to read before the calories make me doze off.

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