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on the road again

On a plane a few times in the last few days. Traveled to rainy South Carolina for a literacy seminar. On the trip down read STEALING HENRY, a book nominated for the QP List for 2005. I enjoyed the story of a young woman who can no longer tolerate the abuse of her stepfather. She runs away, taking with her her younger half brother, Henry. Off she goes in search of a safe place to live knowing that her mother will never leave this abusive man. Stories like this hit home with me. I watched my own daughter put the pleasures of her husband over the needs of her own children. Thankfully, she finally got the courage to leave him. She fell into the same cycle over and over again, though. It makes these stories so much more real for me having seen how she struggled with her feelings about the kids and her need to have these men in her life. Anyway, STEALING HENRY worked for me because I cared about the characters and about them finding a safe place to stay. I also liked how the story flipped back and forth in time to tell the story of Savannah and Henry and then back to Savannah's mother. It gives me, as a reader, some more insight into the mind and motives of Savannah's mother. I am almost done with Sleator's THE LAST UNIVERSE and will write about it as soon as I complete the reading.

Now I am in NYC for BEA. Looking forward to seeing lots of new books!
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