professornana (professornana) wrote,

NYC redux

I got in a little late last night to post about another packed day at conference. After the ALAN breakfast, I headed to the restaurant to GET some actual food (the ALAN shindig was a buffet for 500 people and I feared for my life about getting into line for a muffin). Then I headed to the room to work on the Middle Mosaic session. I was to fill in for the lovely and talented Kylene Beers who had flown to Indy to see her son march in the national marching band competition. I had some intros to write and wanted to put together a Power Point to run as folks entered the session.

The Mosaic was packed (of course) and the speakers were all grand: Judith Ortiz Cofer, Jeff Wilhelm, Christopher Paul Curits, Pam Munoz Ryan, Sara Hollbrook and Janet Allen. There were a few interesting moments like when Janet's overhead would not work and then the table on which it was sitting began to collapse and Sara crawled under it while I held it up and Janet continued gamely to talk.

After that it was off to celebrate with Wendy Lamb on her 5th anniversary. Got to catch up with Tim Ditlow and see photos of his son, Henry. Chris Curtis and I gossiped for a while during a fab dinner. Wendy looked resplendent in a cool hat (I want to wear hats, but no...). It was a terrific way to end another day in the city.

Breakfast this morning with Don Gallo and C J Bott before heading to exhibits. Much more to come.
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