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The ALAN Breakfast (which began at 7 am, ugh!) was wall to wall with 500 folks in attendance to her Jerry Spinelli speak. Sissi Carroll is the new Prez Elect (yay for Sissi) and there were the usual announcements to get us underway. Pat Kelly won the Hipple Service Award (yay Pat!) and gave a lovely thank you speech. My hubby texted me during that to simply say APPLAUSE APPLAUSE. Joan Bauer came in to town to stand in for my family who could not be here this morning to see me receive the ALAN Award. The plaque is next to me now and I am glancing often and lovingly at it as I blog.

Spinelli's speech was, as usual, eloquent. Alternating between funny (no surprise there), thoughtful, and moving, he talked about letters from his fans, his own childhood memories, and dinosaurs (you had to be there). I am back in the room working on the Middle Mosaic session this afternoon since I have been called in to fill in for Kylene Beers. Not sure I can fill those shoes, but it will be a load of fun for all in attendance to hear Judith Cofer, Chris Curtis, Janet Allen, Pam Ryan, Sara Holbrook, and Jeff Wilhelm.

This is Scout as I packed earlier in the week. He wanted to come along. By now, I am sure he has forgotten all about me and is following the others around the house waiting to be fed!
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