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update from NYC

So, the first session this morning took on a life of its own once we began to tackle the questions we had brainstormed in advance. Brent, Laurie, Laura, Lara (say those three names fast), Tanya and Emily all took turns addressing the comments and questions from the overflow audience (really, people were out in the hall and sitting against the walls). I took some notes but cannot decipher them right now.

Right after that session, I headed across the hall to the session sponsored by the STANDING COMMITTEE AGAINST CENSORSHIP with Robie Harris, Carolyn Mackler and Maryrose Wood. That time seemed to flash right by with these three women talking about their experiences with censors. We cried and laughed and then it was time to move on.

Late this afternoon, Lois Buckman and Bonnie Kunzel joined me for a session on motivating readers. Despite the late hour (last session of the day 4-5:15 pm) we had a nice group. Booktalks a plenty. We packed up and headed over to Gramercy Park for dinner with the lovely folks from Candlewick (hi Sharon!) including Carolyn Mackler and Robie Harris. Several million calories later, Lois and I took a cab back to the Marriott with Prez Elect of ALAN David Gill. I love this guy. He can make me giggle (and there are darned few things to giggle about after 10 pm in my world).

Early to rise tomorrow for the breakfast. Will report more later.
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