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Day 1 NCTE

Welcome to the Big Apple where it is rainy and filled with English teachers all trying to schlep their bags into too small meeting rooms. The day began for me late this afternoon with the meeting of the STANDING COMMITTEE AGAINST CENSORSHIP. In the middle of the meeting, my phone started vibrating. Cali, the college student granddaughter, was texting to ask about Turkey Day plans. The next time the phone vibrated it was President Elect Kylene Beers asking if I could fill in for a speaker who was stuck in traffic on her way to the hotel. Sure, I can channel Nancie Atwell. So I flew up to the room and got the laptop and set it up to present some last minute booktalks. Fortunately, Nancie called then to let us know she was 2 blocks from the hotel! So, I was off the hook and ready to change rooms (looooooonnnnnnnnnnnnng story). Now I am in the new room directly across from some of the brightest lights in Times Square. My roommate and I are getting into jammies so we can watch CSI and then crash.

Tomorrow's postings will come from the Javits Center where the sessions will run from 8 am until after 5.
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