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off to the Big Apple

All my bags are packed. I'm ready to go... I'm leaving on a jet plane first thing tomorrow for NCTE in the Big Apple. I plan to blog from the Marriott Marquis and the Javits Center (which NCTE whimsically indicates is a brisk 30 minute walk from the hotel. God help the poor souls who plan to stroll down those streets before daylight). In any event, stay tuned here for updates on all the luminaries. Here is my schedule. Come by and say HELLO if you are in the neighborhood (like, if you walked over from Connecticut or something like that).

Thursday: STANDING COMMITTEE AGAINST CENSORSHIP meeting in Marriott Marquis 3:00
MIDDLE LEVEL GET TOGETHER in Marriott Marquis, 7th floor 5:00


9:30-10:45 panel on sex and sexuality in YA lit with Laurie Halse Anderson, Tanya Lee Stone, Lara Zeises, Laura Ruby, E Lockhart, and Brent Hartinger at Javits

11-12:15 panel on censorship with Carolyn Mackler, Robie Harris and Maryrose Wood at Javits

4:5:15 panel on motivating readers with Bonnie Kunzel, Lois Buckman, Martha Magner at Javits


8-9:15 ALAN breakfast with Jerry Spinelli where I will get the ALAN Award (gasp!) in Marriott Marquis

2:45-5:30 Middle Mosaic with Christopher Paul Curtis, Pam Munoz Ryan, Judith Ortiz Cofer, Sara Holbrook and a cast of thousands doing round table discussions in Marriott

Then I am off the hook until ALAN on Monday.
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