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Books: the breakfast of champions

So, this morning, my laptop was sitting on the counter in the kitchen with a book next to it so I could do an update. Natalie came out for breakfast, pulled the book toward her and began reading while she was eating. About 30 minutes later, corn flakes now soggy, I reminded her to finish eating so she could get ready for school. So nice to have a reader around the house.

The book? DANCING IN RED SHOES WILL KILL YOU. I told Nat she could take the book and read it once I was done scanning the cover, writing the annotation, and writing about it here. I never would have picked this book for my 12 year old sci-fi/fantasy nut, but I forgot about the ballerina on the cover--Nat wanted to be a ballet dancer for years.

Now about the book. Kayla is a gifted dancer who is told she is too well endowed to become a famous ballerina. She attends a performing arts school along with her sister Paterson (born in New Jersey) and her best friend Joey. Rivalries are common in this cutthroat, competitive world of art and music and dance. When Kayla's class is set to perform Cinderella, sets of red ballet shoes begin to appear with the rather disturbing message: dancing in red shoes will kill you. What follows is a nifty mystery, some great good laughter, and a quick read.

I think this book could be paired nicely with FUNNY LITTLE MONKEY as well as RATS SAW GOD. It is funny and hip and reminiscent of Rob Thomas but with softer edges.
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