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There are so few true middle grade novels out there. Here is one that should find an audience among the 4th-6th grade girls who are tottering on the brink of adolescence. Krista's friend Daniel, due to a bad reaction to anesthesia, has to learn how to walk all over again. Krista and Daniel have long been friends and Krista's father is Daniel's physical therapist. However, their relationship is strained; it seems he might want to be more than friends and Krista has a crush on Billy, Daniel's best friend. While some critics have commented on the fact that there are too many subplots and problems being discussed in this novel, I thought it quite believable. You see, in real life, problems do not come one at a time. In the real world, bad things happen to good kids and sometimes more than one bad thing at a time.

The silly (to adults) wondering about who wrote the love note, who likes who, parents who overprotect versus parents who seem to be absent: these are all very real to the kids I have seen and worked with over the years. I love the quotes that open each section/chapter. And I like having both Krista and Daniel as alternating narrators.

And here is a new photo of Scout playing with a FedEx box.

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