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daylight savings time and cats

Yesterday was our annual conference on campus. The morning got off to a terrific start with Cynthia Leitich Smith and Joan Bauer and ended with uncontrollable laughter with Greg Leitich Smith and Mo Willems. Cynthia spoke at some length about her process with TANTALIZE and asked audience input for the title for the companion book for this tale of vampires, romance, and food. Joan asked us which face we would remember as she related stories about herself, her books and a recent trip to Kazakhstan (and I am totally not sure of the spelling and do not know that it matters). Greg explained how a geek, er engineer and patent lawyer came to write books about gifted kids. Finally, we drew pigeons with Mo and howled when he called Joan and two of our audience members up to act out TODAY I WILL FLY. We laughed, we cried, we sold a ton of books. We managed all the various crises that a conference brings. However, Scout

does not seem to comprehend the level of fatigue that comes with coordinating a conference and obviously does not know about "falling back" for daylight savings. He woke up, instead of his usual 4-ish in the morning, at 3-ish. So, here I am blogging bleary eyed. As soon as he has completed his morning rituals, I hope to sneak back for a few winks before heading out to take the final author back to the airport.
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