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13 reasons why--you should read this book

1. Hannah, the narrator, is dead by her own hand as the story opens.
2. Clay, a young man who liked Hannah, receives tapes Hannah made to tell her story.
3. This remarkable book details the little cruelties that weigh us down.
4. The 13 people responsible in some way for Hannah's suicide, will listen to these tapes.
5. What part does Clay play? Could he have caused Hannah to want to harm herself.
6. The novel unfolds inside Clay's head as he listens to the tapes.
7. As each tape plays in Clay's Walkman, readers catch glimpses into the lives of teens.
8. Most teens will find someone like themselves within the pages.
9. As Corrie (16) said as soon as she saw the book, "I need to read this book."
10. It will lead reluctant readers to other books (TWISTED comes to mind immediately).
11. Avid readers will find the book riveting as well.
12. Teachers need to read this book as do counselors.
13. I say so.
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