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not sleeping is good for catching up on books

So when you cannot sleep in a hotel room that is growing its own mold (wet carpet in several places) and moving int horizontal positions makes you choke, there is only one thing to do: read, of course. KETURAH AND LORD DEATH is a book from last year that flew under my radar (so many books, etc.), so I cracked it open and fell into a wondrous almost Scheherazade type of tale. after following a hart into the forest, Keturah becomes hopelessly lost. When Death comes to gather her, she strikes a deal with this surprisingly handsome man: if she can find her true love, Death must release her.

From this premise the story blooms into Keturah's search for the man she is destined to marry. Keturah and the people of her village all have stories to tell; each is compelling. And along the way, Keturah learns much about herself in the course of assisting others. Fantasy meets romance in this dark but mesmerizing tale. I suspect the kids who adore TWILIGHT will find this sophisticated and tightly plotted novel a must read.
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