professornana (professornana) wrote,

announcements galore!

My userpic is indicative of the sibling war being waged between Scout, the new bengal kitten, and Rocky, my 14 year old spoiled kitten who could squish Scout by rolling over onto him. Scout has to stand on his haunches to try to intimidate her. Still does not work well although he is getting good at scoring some of her food. What I love is that he keeps her running and playing if only to spite him.

In any event, this week marks lots of fun things. Today is the start of TEEN READ WEEK. Check out the TRW site at

This is also a day to blog about the environment. As someone who has seen nature being demolished in favor of yet another liquor store, I want to plead, "Leave us some trees, please."

And, tomorrow is my b-day. Happy 55? Yep, the double nickel.
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