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TANGERINE is a book that still haunts me, years after reading it. I know that the resident teeens also read it and were totally absorbed by the intensity of the story. In his latest offering, Bloor gives readers a glimpse into a not-too-distant future, 2035 Florida to be exact. Currency is rare; the wealthy keep their money locked tightly within their fortresses of homes. So it is with Charity and her father, a doctor who made his fortune by inventing a means of allowing people to become as darkly tanned as they wished without harm to their skin. Dr. Henry Meyers and his ex-wife, Charity's stepmother, Mickie, might live in the same house, but rarely is the family together. Mickie is always off creating new specials to air on the vidscreens, specials that mostly highlight Mickie Meyers. The doctor is off golfing, flying everywhere in his personal helicopter. Charity is left in the care of two household workers, Albert and Victoria.

In this bleak landscape, those who do not have cash have resorted to kidnapping the children of the wealthy. So, one Christmas, Charity awakens from what she thinks is a bad dream, but the reality strikes her sharply: she has indeed been kidnapped. Who has taken her? Will her father follow the rules for her safe return? Who is the mysterious Dr. Reyes who snatched her? There are some unexpected twists and turns in this interesting look into the future when the line between the haves and the have nots will be even more sharply drawn.
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