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Intimate portrait

In the manner of POET SLAVE OF CUBA and CARVER: A LIFE IN POEMS, Stephanie Hemphill gives us YOUR OWN, SYLVIA: A VERSE PORTRAIT OF SYLVIA PLATH. Though the author cautions that this is a work of fiction, the poems in this novel tell of Plath's family, friends, and life. Many of the poems are written in the style of some of Plath's acclaimed works. The results is an intimate look at the troubled life of a talented author. From the loss of her father when she was a child to the betrayal of her husband, poet Ted Hughes, tragedy formed much of Plath's life and her works. Using selections from this novel would enhance a study of the work of Plath in high school English classrooms and certainly the entire book should find a welcome home in university courses that feature the work of Plath as well. Detailed notes and resources assist readers in knowing how the poems that comprise this novel relate to the life of a woman whose art is still studied and discussed.
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