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Why do I heart BabyMouse so much? Hmmmm..........At first I thought it was the fact that I could read a BabyMouse book in a few minutes and get that wonderful sense of accomplishment (just like kids, right?). Of course, there are the wonderful drawings that elaborate and illuminate the text. But most of all, I love these books because BabyMouse is someone who has lived in my house (and still does for thst matter). BabyMouse cou8ld be Anychild or Everychild. Her heart is large enough to encompass many friends and hobbies and activities. But what the heart wants is not always possible. All this to introduce BabyMouse SKATER GIRL. From the opening flap (and always look behind both flaps) to the first page of the story, there is BabyMouse welcoming readers to the latest entry of the saga. BabyMouse is asked to come and train for a possible run at Olympic gold as a skater. At first, the visions of gold are enticing. But skating is hard work and the practice time does cut into sleep, school, and time with friends. Will BabyMouse go for the gold?

Jennifer and Matthew Holm have entirely too much fun with these books that not only entertain, they provide us older readers with insight into the hearts and minds of the young and they provide their younger fans with reassurance that they are "normal."
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