professornana (professornana) wrote,

home again, home again

This time last week, I was in the Rio Grande Valley with my teaching colleagues interviewing applicants for full ride scholarships to our program (courtesy of an IMLS Grant). I left here and flew to NY to be with my friend who had total knee replacement surgery. Then, Thursday I flew back to Houston, rented a car, and drove back here Friday. Yesterday, I taught my YA lit class and now here I am packing again to head back to Houston (where thankfully I get to stay for an entire week). Most of my reading time has been spent listening to my audio assignments. However, last night I took a break to read the latest CLARICE BEAN.

I am coming into the series with book #6, but that proved to be no detriment whatsoever. Clarice is a would-be spy who sees worries even where there are none. Unfortunately, that means she sometimes misses worries she should be concerned about. In this case, she misses the clues that her best friend ever is moving. She also misjudges the new girl in class, Clem. But, all ends well for Clarice as Clem just might become a new friend.

Chapters are short. Clarice's voice is interesting. The action, while not non-stop, pulls readers into the story quickly. In short, this is a terrific series for those kids transitioning into "real" chapter books.
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